Legends of the Coastland – Galen Wolf

Galen Wolf

Sanchez Art Center celebrates Pacifica Lit Wave with an exhibition featuring the works of coastside storyteller and artist, Galen Wolf.  Mr. Wolf, who passed away in 1976, left a rich legacy, including the collection of tales and drawings featured in “Legends of the Coastland” edited by Shannon Nottestad, and published by Luna Moon Press in 2012.  Working with materials created by the artist from as early as 1950, including his 1976 oral history, and putting in 10 years of painstaking research, Ms. Nottestad has created an important testimony to the multi-talented Wolf.  Ms. Nottestad shines a light on the linkages between our coastside legends and folk tales, our oral and written histories, and the role and creative contribution of real-life hero-artist Galen Wolf.  The exhibition will run from Friday, February 21 through Sunday, March 30, with an opening reception on Friday, February 21 from 7 to 9pm.

Join us for a special Lit Wave event on Friday, February 28, 7 – 9pm,  featuring a talk with exhibition curator and “Legends of the Coastland” editor, Shannon Nottestad.

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Ms. Nottetad isShannon Nottestad also the curator  of the East Gallery exhibition featuring Mr. Wolf’s works, which is running at Sanchez Art Center from February 21 through March 30.